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See if your Benton County business qualifies for a FREE listing on the MO Division of Tourism’s website and print publication that goes out to 350,000 tourists.  THE DEADLINE FOR THE PRINT PUBLICATION IS JUNE 26, 2020 FOR THE 2021 TOURISM GUIDE. Check criteria Find out why your small business, attraction, event and more should

Benton County, MO Veteran’s Memorial In memory of Benton County veterans who gave their lives in preserving freedom so that all of us can live free of tyranny. Let us not forget these brave individuals who died so that we can truly call our nation the home of the brave and the land of the free. In Honor Of:

Kayaking Adventures on Truman Lake

Truman Lake is Missouri’s place to enjoy beautiful scenery while sightseeing and taking in the nature and history on kayaks.  

Create Memories. Discover What Matters Most. Experience Benton County, MO!

CREATE MEMORIES.  DISCOVER WHAT MATTERS MOST.  EXPERIENCE BENTON COUNTY, MO! Family Matters because families are the backbone of our society and provide structure to our lives. Benton County, MO makes for a great family fun destination – a place where you can discover, explore and capture the memories with the ones that are important to you.