Benton County, Missouri, offers a wealth of fishing opportunities for anglers seeking both tranquility and exciting catches. With its pristine lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, the county provides an ideal setting for various fishing experiences. Here are some notable fishing spots and information for anglers in Benton County:

Truman Lake: Truman Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in Missouri, is a prime fishing destination in Benton County. Known for its expansive waters, the lake offers a diverse range of fish species, including bass, crappie, catfish, and walleye. Anglers can explore the lake’s numerous coves, channels, and submerged structures for an exciting fishing experience.

Lake of the Ozarks: While a portion of Lake of the Ozarks extends into Benton County, the majority of the lake lies to the northeast. This massive reservoir is renowned for its bass fishing, with largemouth and smallmouth bass being popular catches. Additionally, the lake supports a variety of other fish species, including crappie, catfish, and panfish.  The Osage Arm of LOZ is also known for paddlefish (spoonbill) during the season between March 15-May 15 and September 15-December 15, 2024.

Local Rivers and Streams: Benton County is crisscrossed by various rivers and streams that provide excellent fishing opportunities. These waterways are home to a variety of fish, and anglers can explore the banks or use small watercraft for a more intimate fishing experience.

Fishing Events and Tournaments: Throughout the year, Benton County hosts fishing events and tournaments that draw anglers of all skill levels. These events not only provide a competitive edge but also offer a chance to connect with the local fishing community.

Guided Fishing Trips:  Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, a guided fishing trip in Benton County can enhance your experience and increase your chances of a successful and enjoyable day on the water.  Local marinas, bait shops, and fishing supply stores in Benton County often have information about guided fishing trips and can recommend reputable guides. Staff at these establishments are usually knowledgeable about the area’s fishing hotspots and can help you connect with experienced guides.

Fishing Regulations: Anglers should be aware of Missouri’s fishing regulations, including licensing requirements, size and possession limits, and specific rules for different bodies of water. The Missouri Department of Conservation provides up-to-date information on fishing regulations, and it’s essential for anglers to familiarize themselves with these guidelines.

Whether you’re casting a line into the serene waters of Truman Lake, exploring the shores of the Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks, or trying your luck in the rivers and streams, fishing in Benton County promises a diverse and rewarding experience for anglers of all levels.


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Truman Lake

The Big Fish of the Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks


   pancatfishing in benton county    catfish caught in benton county


Fish areas near swift current and deep water in large rivers.  Heavy gear should be used because blues weighing 20 to 50 pounds are common in these waters.



Also known as “spoonbills” because of the shape of their snouts,  the fish feed on plankton and other microscopic prey and therefore do not take bait from hooks and must be snagged. The best snagging conditions occur when water temperature reaches 50 to 55 degrees and there is an increase in water flow.  This prompts them to move upstream to spawn.

Guide Services

Hybrid Mania Guide Services

Phone: 816-263-2049

Jim Cuda

Barry Morrow Fishing Guide

Phone: 660-723-2667

Crappie, Bass and Catfish
Year-Round Guide

Catch ‘Em Guide Service

Phone: 417-699-6203

Crappie & Blue Catfish

Catfish Pursuit

Phone: 816-807-1573

Chris Jones​​ is a licensed, insured, United States Coast Guard Licensed Captains guiding for catfish and spoonbill on the upper Lake of the Ozarks region. He offers year round professional guided catfishing trips (both day and night) at the Lake of the Ozarks (Drake Harbor in Warsaw, The Old Oar House Inn in Warsaw, WigWam Access in Laurie, Brown Bend Access in Climax Springs, Pirates Point Marina in Sunrise Beach, Larry A. Gale Access in Camdenton, Mimosa Beach Condo’s in Climax Springs),

He provides all of the fishing equipment you will need, which includes bait. You will fish with a minimum of 6 rods, and up to 8 rods, depending on conditions. He also offers spoonbill snagging trips from March 15th thru April 30th and provides all necessary snagging equipment.

Catfish Safari Guide Service


Phone: 660-723-2701

Catfish Safari is a professional catfish fishing guide service in central Missouri, offering year-round daytime rod and reel catfishing trips on the beautiful Harry S. Truman Reservoir and Osage river, with the option of cabin style lodging on Truman Lake.

Cody’s Guide Service


Phone: 660-723-9960

I am a catfish, spoonbill, and hybrid guide service serving Truman lake and lake of the Ozarks.

Fat Slabs Fishing Guide


Phone: 660-723-1469

Crappie, catfish & spoonbill

Faulkenberry Endless Season Guide Service

Phone: 660-351-5420

Faulkenberry’s Endless Season Guide Service. Owner Jeff Faulkenberry is dedicated to providing a memorable outdoor experience on and around Truman Lake.

Mark Huey’s Guide Service


Phone: 913-306-3897

Fish on Truman Lake for crappie, catfish and white bass with Mark Huey, guiding since 2006.

Richard Bowling’s Guide Service

Phone: 660-351-5361

Richard Bowling has been fishing and hunting on Truman Lake for more than 20 years. Truman Lake is located in west-central Missouri between Kansas City and Springfield. This lake is one of the finest fisheries in the country.

Rogers Guide & Gear


Phone: 417-296-0062

Crappie & Walleye

The Reel Fishing Guide


Phone: 913-954-7212

Truman Lake Guide Service

Since 1985. I have been fishing the waters of Truman Lake, the home of some of the largest hybrids around. Crappie and White Bass inhabit the lake in large numbers. It would be my pleasure to take you on a fun-filled day of fishing, or a half-day if you prefer.

I provide a 2011 Nitro 20-ft. boat with a Mercury 200-hp Optimax XS for your safety and ability to search the lake from one end to the other in a timely fashion. The boat is equipped with a two Lowrance Sonars/GPS to assist in finding the fish. I will also provide fishing tackle.

Wiper Sniper Guide Service

Phone: 660-229-2295

I am a Captain with the USCG. I provide Professional Hybrid Bass Fishing Guide Services to amateurs and professionals on Truman Lake in Warsaw, Missouri. I have created a unique ” Daily Fishing Calendar” which gives the daily best times for being at your favorite fishing spot based on accurate lunar and solar daily peaks, as well as the best days and times of lunar influence monthly to help catch the “big ones”. It not only is an interesting testament to the art of hybrid bass fishing but in itself acts as a very real “guide” and one great key to greater catches and limit reaches in fishing Truman Lake. Timing is everything.