Visit one of the quaint and historic towns of Cole Camp, Lincoln and Warsaw. All are located in beautiful Benton County.  Surround yourself in cultural and historic adventures, outdoor recreation, dining and shopping opportunities for the entire family.

Cole Camp

History of Cole Camp

The town has a strong German heritage that is still evident in the many German festivals and heritage events. Additionally, a large number of the area residents still speak the Low German brought over by their ancestors. It is a town that prides itself on its neatness and well-kept homes as well as the orderly life of the community.

About Cole Camp

Cole Camp is locally known as the “Festival City” with many festivals and special events keeping the town a busy place. The area’s Oktoberfest featuring German food, beer, music and vendors – and admission is free. There are a number of other engaging German events, including Christkindlmarket, Saengerfest, Christbaumfest, and a German Christmas Concert. Happily, these events occur throughout the year and are lots of fun for groups of all kinds.

It’s an idealistic location with the rolling prairies to the north and the hills and streams to the south offer beauty and variety. Hunting and fishing are popular sports and game and fish are ample.

Older homes and farmsteads dot the countryside recalling years past. Likewise, the rich soil of the prairie and creek bottoms provide for excellent farming with fields of tall corn, soybeans, and wheat being common sights. The production of beef completes the agricultural picture of the area. Not surprisingly, it is a prosperous area for both farmers and businesses.

Being somewhat off the beaten path, the town and surrounding area have changed little over the years leaving it with its historic character and charm. Crime is rare and modern-day, urban problems few. Additionally, the schools are excellent and a source of community pride, both for their academics and routinely successful athletic teams.

Interesting facts about Cole Camp

Cole Camp is a historic town located where the Ozarks meet the great prairies in Benton County, Missouri. It is dated from its first post office in 1839, and it was the site of one of the first land battles of the Civil War. The town boasts several buildings dating from pre-Civil War times and the downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cole Camp is also part of the Missouri Civil War Passport Program because of it’s historical attributes. Be sure and visit Cole Camp and learn more about the Cole Camp Massacre that took place in 1861.

When you visit quaint and historic Cole Camp, Lincoln and Warsaw, you are sure to have a lake weekend you won’t forget!


Lincoln, located in Benton County in west-central Missouri, could easily be described as “The Front Door to Missouri’s Great Lakes: Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake”

Hunting is also extremely popular in our area due to the timbered, rolling hills making up a large part of the area surrounding Lincoln. White-tailed deer, wild turkey, duck, quail, and small game abound in the area. Additionally, since Truman Lake is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed lake, approximately 300,000 acres of public lands surrounding the lake creating great habitat for all kinds of wildlife.

where is lincoln, missouri

Lincoln is located on busy U.S. Highway 65, just south of I-70 and Sedalia, Missouri (home of the State Fair each August) and within a couple of hours drive to prominent cities such as Branson, Columbia, Kansas City or Springfield. Located in Benton County in west-central Missouri, could easily be described as “The Front Door to Missouri’s Great Lakes: Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake”.

about lincoln, missouri

With an updated central sewer system large enough to handle the expected growth for the next 20 years, it’s a community to keep an eye on. Likewise, homes are available for the young family and the retired folks. Additionally, we have daycare facilities for the young ones and “Meals on Wheels” for the elderly.

Lincoln has two baseball diamonds in our large park grounds that are busy day and night during the summer season. And, we have truck & tractor pulls, rodeos and parades!

Interestingly, this is the smallest community in the state to have its own “grass strip” airport. Plus, a new airport 3 miles south of town will accommodate larger aircraft.

Pleasant four-season weather,
Excellent hunting & fishing,
Good roads & easy access to metro areas,
Handy health care facilities,
Low taxes,
Friendly people,
High-quality schools,
Many activities & organizations for all ages,
Relatively low real estate prices,
Did we mention” friendly people”!

Yes, it’s is a fantastic place to raise your family, work, play and retire!  Come for a visit and stay for a lifetime!

When you visit quaint and historic Cole Camp, Lincoln and Warsaw, you are sure to have a lake weekend you won’t forget!


The hub of where the great lakes meet!  Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake provide more than 100,000 acres of rich and abundant wildlife. As well as unsurpassed natural beauty and a compelling history all rolled together to make the perfect destination for your next adventure!

Stroll along the miles of trails, enjoy the unique downtown shopping or bask in the great outdoors in Warsaw’s one-of-a-kind natural paradise!

The City of Warsaw, steeped in history, strives to provide professional, dependable, advanced services to a community. Additionally, it’s a place where residents enjoy life, work, and recreation.  Also, allowing visitors to enjoy our heritage and quality of life.

where is warsaw, missouri

Whether you travel by land, water or air Warsaw, Missouri, is easily accessible.

Located at the intersection of 65 & 7 Highways, by road, Warsaw is just two hours from Kansas City. In addition, it is only 90 minutes from Springfield, and about four hours from St. Louis.

If boating is your pleasure, travel the upper arm of the Lake of the Ozarks and dock at Drake Harbor. Our historic downtown district is two blocks away.

Fly into our 168-acre Municipal Airport located just five miles north of Warsaw on Highway 65. A courtesy vehicle is available for your visit.

warsaw has a lot to offer

Warsaw offers a wide variety of activities and attractions. Our scenic location on Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake provides excellent outdoor recreation.

Warsaw’s Downtown Riverfront and Main Street area offers the shopper a unique experience.  Try it when you are looking for antiques, collectibles, unique gifts, bulk foods, or a variety of restaurants,

Next, stroll along Main Street, visit our retail and antique/unique shops.  Or, take a break at one of our many restaurants.

Warsaw’s newest business district, North Town, is changing daily. Currently, the area is home to a large retail chain (Wal-Mart), Golden Valley Medical, Bothwell Regional Medical Center, EyeCare Specialties Center, auto parts store, filling station, bank, restaurants, hotel, car wash,  AT&T, State Farm Insurance agency and much more.

The Eastgate Business District consists of businesses including; restaurants, retail stores, auto sales/repair shops, financial Institutions, realtor agencies,  insurance offices, convenience store/gas station, bulk gas providers (propane, LP), beauty shops, tattoo Shop, a car wash, and a bank & more.

Finally, Truman Hills Retail District consists of businesses including restaurants, retail stores, healthcare, and social service offices, and financial offices. Additionally, you’ll find realty, insurance offices, a convenience store, motel, laundromat, car wash, auto dealer, and a dance studio. Also, a meeting hall, radio station, and storage facilities.

Warsaw       Truman Dam        Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks

When you visit quaint and historic Cole Camp, Lincoln and Warsaw, you are sure to have a lake weekend you won’t forget!