June 28th, 2023 Press release

Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) discretionary grant funding.

Senator Eric Schmidtt has informed the City of Warsaw that the community has received a $24,997,004 RAISE grant.  The strength of this grant application is the communities 25-year continuous effort to improve its Drake Harbor Water front park, the revitalized downtown, and combining this with a detailed planning process to develop its three primary roadways into Complete Streets.  The grant will provide the funds to link the three roadways, through the downtown, to the waterfront trails with expansion of one of the trails.  A unique feature is a stormwater mitigation area on the Town Branch that will also incorporate a park area known as Light Plant Park.

Warsaw sits on the 90-mile marker of the Lake of the Ozarks and is just one mile downstream of Truman Dam and Reservoir. Connecting to U.S. Route 65 (US 65) and Missouri Route 7 (Route 7) in three locations, the roadway segments included in the project span across the city to complete two east-west routes and one north-south route. These improvements will facilitate visitor traffic coming into the city from the major highways as well as local circulation, creating safe links to neighborhoods, schools, retail areas, and recreation and nature nodes. The improvements also extend Warsaw’s natural water amenities from the Marina District into the community by protecting and expanding on natural wetland areas. The map below details the project extents and connecting infrastructure.

The project is intended to improve safety and livability in the community by reconstructing the roadways to accommodate parking, bicycles, ADA-compliant sidewalks, curbing, and pavement striping. Our Complete Streets approach will address current shortcomings in disability access, safe routes to school, and citizen’s health and recreation benefits by providing bike and pedestrian access to the City’s trail system along the waterfront. The current ditch-stormwater collection system will be replaced with integrated green stormwater infrastructure and an enclosed storm sewer system to mitigate street flooding and promote environmental sustainability. Intersection improvements, new drive approaches, and center turn lanes where feasible will address access and intersection safety challenges. 

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