Property Tax

2018 City Real Estate & Personal Property                   Rate
General                   $.4615 per $100 valuation


Property tax is billed and collected by the Benton County Collector’s office. If you have any questions regarding your property taxes please call 660-438-7721.

Sales Tax Percentages

Sales Tax Percentages
State (Exempt Domestic Use) 4.225%

City of Warsaw Sales Tax



Capital Improvement 0.500%
Local (Exempt Domestic Use) 1.000%
Local Parks 0.500%
Transportation 0.375%
 TOTAL TAX  2.375%

Benton County Sales Tax



Ambulance District 0.500%
Capital Improvement 0.500%
E-911 0.375%
Local (Exempt Domestic Use) 0.500%
TOTAL TAX 2.50000%

Transportation Development
District Tax

Wal-Mart Only   0.500%


Retail Benton Co./outside City limits                   6.600%
Retail within City Limits/Not Wal-Mart                9.100%
****Wal-Mart sales Only***                                9.600%