RAISE Grant Information

The following is a detailed description of the improvements.

Main Street

Main Street serves as the key connecting roadway from the Marina District to the surrounding highways, with the proposed improvements extending from Route 7 to US 65. Main Street parallels the waterfront for the entirety of the city, making it the primary route for access to the Lake of the Ozarks/Osage River, Drake Harbor, Steamboat Landing, and the trail system. Improving connections to Jackson and Commercial Streets will provide two alternative access routes from both highways to the Marina District, lightening the traffic burden on Main Street. Main Street includes 1.46 miles of Complete Street improvements including a widened street section to facilitate sidewalks, bike lanes, and a center turn lane. It also features the replacement of a 5-legged intersection at Jackson Street with a roundabout. Permeable paver parking lanes are included through portions of the downtown to provide on-street parking while also sustainably managing stormwater. Additionally, the previously completedsection of this roadway from Seminary Street to State Street will receive new crosswalks and the asphalt will be milled and overlaid.

Jackson Street

Jackson Street serves as another primary east-west route through Warsaw and as the through connection to the expanding residential development in the northwest portion of the City. Jackson Street will provide enhanced access to all other segments of the project. Improvements extend from the proposed Main-Jackson Street roundabout to Kennedy Drive. This will connect new residential development to the Marina District. Jackson Street improvements include 1.01 miles of Complete Streets with sidewalks, bike lanes, and permeable paver parking areas providing residents living along this highly traveled roadway additional on-street parking.

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is the main north-south route that extends through the entirety of Warsaw. The improvements expand from Harrison Street to north of Truman Dam Access Road, providing a connection between the two largest retail districts in the City. Commercial Street also intersects the Jackson and Main Street improvements and provides direct connection to the proposed stormwater mitigation wetland. Commercial Street consists of 2.13 miles of Complete Street improvements including new sidewalks, bike lanes, and green stormwater infrastructure planters providing stormwater management, additional green space, and enhanced safety buffers between the roadway/bike lanes and the pedestrian areas. A center turn lane will be added to the Commercial-Polk Street intersection as well.

Osage Trail Extension

Warsaw’s existing trail system provides both recreational opportunities for tourists and alternate pathways for residents to move around the city. The existing Osage Trail begins downtown at the Steamboat Landing boardwalk, follows Levee Road along the Osage River, and dead ends at US 65. The proposed boardwalk extension would then pick up at US 65 and expand to the City of Warsaw Industrial Park, just north of where Main Street transitions into the US 65 Outer Road. This will extend the trail an additional 0.53 miles and create a continuous connected loop for active transportation users.

Stormwater Mitigation Wetland

As part of the stormwater management, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation strategy for the roadway improvements, a stormwater mitigation wetland is included along the existing Town Branch Creek corridor, located near the Jackson-Commercial Street intersection. This feature not only manages stormwater runoff generated from the roadway projects, but provides numerous community, water quality, and other environmental benefits by protecting and enhancing the natural riparian and wetland habitat along the existing creek. The stormwater mitigation wetland will include water features, native plantings, and park-like amenities such as pathways, LED lighting, and open space.

The map below details the project extents and connecting infrastructure.