Co-Mo fiber optic installation.
CO-Mo contractors working in front of the community building.



  • The start of underground fiber-line construction in the City of Warsaw’s city-limits build is under way as of May 9, 2022.
  • Heavy rains during the first quarter of 2022 delayed the planned start of construction in the City of Warsaw. The weather delay has pushed out the estimated full completion date of the City of Warsaw build from Summer of 2022 to Winter 2022-Spring 2023.
  • The entire city-limits build will have six phases.
  • While the entire project will not be completed until Winter 2022-Spring 2023, initial phases of the Warsaw build are tentatively estimated for completion by Winter 2022. (Please see the Estimated Phase Completion Dates below)


  • PHASE 1: -Oct. 2022
  • PHASE 2:-Nov. 2022

    Co-Mo contractors working in front of the community building.
  • PHASE 3: 2022-Jan. 2023
  • PHASE 4: Fourth Quarter 2022-First Quarter 2023
  • PHASE 5: Fourth Quarter 2022-First Quarter 2023
  • PHASE 6: First Quarter 2023

NOTE: All dates are subject to change dependent on weather, as well as personnel, equipment, and material availability. Please review the accompanying phase map for specific information about phase borders.

  • Co-Mo Connect will update residents about construction progress at our construction update webpage ( or via the e-mail construction update page. Residents can sign-up for the email updates at the above website address.


  • Residents of Warsaw who would like more information about Co-Mo Connect’s City of Warsaw fiber build can visit our Warsaw Construction webpage:
  • On this webpage residents of Warsaw can:
  • Get General Information About the City of Warsaw Build
  • See Construction Phase Maps
  • View Construction Schedules
  • Sign-Up for Construction Update Emails
  • And Much More!


  • Residents seeking additional information can call Co-Mo Connect at 844-99-FIBER, visit or contact us via Facebook at

Water Main Project.

The watermain project has completed the first section in the vicinity of Dogwood and Sycamore.   On August 22nd, the project will start the next section at Kraft and Main and work towards Jefferson Street.   Once at Jefferson, the project will continue up Jefferson.   The City will be notifying residents before the project starts.