There is a permit process for all construction.

Obtaining Permits (within City limits only)

Before any construction, new or remodeling begins, be sure to stop in at the City offices located at 201 W. Main to obtain the proper Building Permit Application.
Follow these steps:

1. Fill out a Build Information, Fees & Permit Application
2. After the application has been completed, the City Inspector will then approve or decline the project/Application.
3. Once Approved, you will be asked to pay the required fees associated with the project/application.
4. Your permit & # will be issued and construction may begin. This is only within the City limits of Warsaw.
5. Post the permit at the building site where it can be seen if driving by. Thank you.


A stormwater Drainage Permit per the City of Warsaw Code of Ordinances Chapter §405.020 is required to demonstrate compliance with the City of Warsaw Stormwater Management Design Criteria: Section 5600 – Storm Drainage Systems & Facilities.

· Stormwater Drainage Permit

New Commercial

Construction permit fees are generally based on the valuation of the project.  Square footage and cost of the project are considered; fees are based on the lesser amount.

Sign Permit

Residential: New, Additions, Decks, Slabs etc.

Building permits shall be assessed on the finished living area at twenty-five cents ($.25) per square foot. All inspections come at no cost.

Fence Permit

Roof Permit

Driveway Permit

Shed Permit





Outside City Limits please contact the Benton County Assessors Office at (660) 438-5323.

Utility Locates

The City of Warsaw is a member of the Missouri One Call System. If you will be doing any construction or digging on your property, be sure to call 1-800-DIG-RITE prior to beginning your project. Missouri One Call will then contact all utility companies so that their lines can be clearly marked.