The Joe Dice Swinging Bridge was one of three “Swingers” used in the Warsaw area. Originally referred to as the Upper Bridge, it was built in 1904. In 1924, the bridge was destroyed by a tornado and then rebuilt in 1928. It remained in use for automotive traffic until 1979, when it was replaced by the 7 Highway bridge.

The swinging bridge was used exclusively for foot traffic until 2000, at which time conditions required it to be closed until repairs could be made.

It’s also one of five remaining bridges built by Joseph A. Dice. This self-taught engineer didn’t finish the fourth grade and never used blueprints to build any of the original 31 suspension bridges. The Joe DIce Swinging Bridge was placed on the National Historic Register on September 17th, 1999.


Today, the Joe Dice Swinging Bridge is a favorite for visitors and locals. It connects Drake Harbor to the Kickapoo Island Trail and the Bledsoe Ferry Trail, which meanders to the the athletic fields.  The Riverfront trails are also accessible to handicap & wheelchairs. Fun for the whole family! Bring the bikes, walk, run and or walk the dog…great wildlife to see, great scenery and it’s all free.