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The City of Warsaw conducted a survey shortly after the Steamboat Phase I Playground was opened.   This survey was to determine what the community thought of the new playground, plus what they would like to see in a second phase.  At the same time, a local resident approached the city about donating to a Phase II in their family name.  The Bibb family wants to contribute a dollar of their funds for every dollar the community donates.  Their commitment is up to $300,000, only if the community can match them dollar for dollar.  This would be a total of $600,000. Based on the survey, the community wants a more age diverse playground area, shade structures and a restroom.  The above video has been created to show how the proposed Phase II will connect to the completed Phase I.


Phase II for the Drake Harbor playground equipment was designed to be more inclusive to all age groups.  This is accomplished by using a combination of post and deck style components, as well as free-standing components.  This combination of free-standing and post/deck structures system allows the child to be both creative and active. The design will continue the river boat theme from Phase I.   The Phase II design will have over 27 imaginative play activities, highlighted with an impactful color scheme offering a rich partnership with the Historic Past of Warsaw’s Osage River Heritage, and the required social behavioral, physical skill, and communal activity development of today’s children.

There will be activities in this play area that will help develop agility levels, balancing skills, and core body strengths. Some of the items are:

  • Hover Net with Custom spoonbill fish themed climbers
  • Multi Person Swings
  • Various style of Log Climbers and stepping pods
  • Buddy Rocker
  • Mini City Community Helpers Log Cabin themed playhouse with a fish crawl tunnel
  • Custom Boat themed spring rider
  • Custom Log/Rock Themed ADA transfer point
  • Big Kahuna Bridge / Climber
  • Custom Mushroom Step/Climber
  • Custom Frog Climber

All combined with bridges/walkways/decks/swings for continuous play as children travel from activity center to activity center throughout over 7,500 square feet of play area.  Including the Phase I 2500 sq. ft. Steamboat themed play area, this will be a total of 10,000 ft. of outdoor activity for our youth and those that we welcome to visit.

DONATE NOW! (paypal) Click on this link to help fund Phase II: Steamboat Playground Donations.

You can also donate here through GoFundMe

Checks or money orders can also be sent to:
City of Warsaw – Playground                                                                                                                                 PO Box 68                                                                                                                                                      Warsaw, Mo. 65355


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