Hiking and Biking trails & routes

Benton County offers some of the best bicycle and pedestrian trails in the state–and in the country.  That’s according to MoBikeFed, the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking, who have visited our trails system and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

​There are two mountain bike and hiking parks. Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park and Shawnee Bend Bluff Trails. Warsaw’s downtown district sits above The Riverfront Trail System. Trails on either side of the river are connected by the Joe Dice Swinging Swinging Bridge. The Butterfield Stage Experience passes through Benton County and offers back road adventures for gravel riding and bike-packing.

Drake Harbor
Turtle on the Osage Trail



The Riverfront Trails

Enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful Warsaw, MO!! You can hike or bike to Bledsoe Ferry, Truman Dam, Shawnee Bend and beyond.  There are gorgeous views of Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks and a large variety of wildlife on these 11 miles of chat and asphalt trails.

 This unique trail system runs along the Osage Arm of Lake of the Ozarks and links three parks, creating a route along the scenic waterfront area that has beautiful views of the Ozark Hills, bluffs, lakes, and greenways!


Riders on the Kickapoo Island Trail
Head of the Kickapoo and Bledsoe Ferry Trails.


The historic Joe Dice Suspension Bridge is an interesting historical and cultural feature. The swinging bridge was a transportation route for horses and automobiles (single lane) at one point but today is used for bicyclists and pedestrians and serves as a major link for the trail system and is the only link from one side of the waterfront to the other. The bridge is on the National Historic Registry.

Joe Dice Swinging Bridge



This map will show you the distances and locations of each trail. If you have not visited lately, you are missing out on a great getaway!! Come visit and feel free to have fun!!!!

The Butterfield stage Experience

Bike packing, day-tripping, and overnight stays. 

The Oregon-California Trails Association has put together a video of the Butterfield from Tipton to Warsaw.

Want to go exploring “off the beaten path”?  The MO Bike Federation has created a website to find these historical routes and mapping (including GPS maps) linking Benton County to other major trail systems.

Butterfield Stone
Butterfield stone on the square

The Butterfield Overland Stage Trail operated from 1858 through 1861, carrying mail and passengers from Tipton, Missouri, to San Francisco, California. The trip was 22 days long and ran each direction twice per week.  During the Civil War, the trail was used as a military trail by both Union and Confederate Armies. Approximately 160 years later, the 250-mile route through Missouri has become the Butterfield Stage Experience. Known for its unique history and beautiful scenery, the Butterfield Stage Experience allows riders of all kinds to enjoy the back-road gravel riding at it’s finest.

You will fall in love with this section of the Butterfield Overland Stage route. With the addition of the Butterfield connection to the Rock Island and the Katy Trail in Windsor,  Missouri,  these fabulous backcountry gravel roads entice us to explore Benton county and the hidden gems of our area. Each community has its own unique history, all connected to the Butterfield Overland Stage Route.  When you connect to Warsaw, even more outdoor adventure awaits.

Warsaw resident Jenn Bradshaw was the first person to complete the route traveling south to north.  Read about her adventure here.

The Butterfield Stage Experience is a new mostly gravel bicycle touring route consisting of county gravel roads and multi-use trails using/paralleling the historic Butterfield Stage Route in Missouri.

Currently, over 250 miles in length, the route is a low-traffic trail-like experience that leads you straight to the heart of rural Missouri and visits many of the historic Butterfield Stage sites and monuments across the state. The route is accessible to most who enjoy natural-surface routes like the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail–and are ready to take the next step towards adventure.

The route is mostly on well-maintained county gravel roads and multi-use trails, with a few mountain bike trail routes and occasional paved sections as needed for connectivity.

Great for day trips, weekend getaways, or a few days of bike camping or backpacking.

Connect to the Katy, Rock Island, and Frisco Highline Trails.

Go explore Missouri in a whole new way and be sure and check out the Warsaw, Lincoln and Cole Camp connections.

Click here for more information on the Butterfield Stage Experience on MObikefed.org.

The Butterfield 60 was the first event held on the Butterfield Stage Experience Route.  Riders raced from Warsaw, to Lincoln, to Cole Camp and back to Warsaw for a 60 mile adventure through Benton County.  See you there next year!

Truman Lake Mountain Bike & Hiking Area


Truman Lake Mountain Bike and Hiking Park

A great place to get away!  Trails that let you escape for the day, or for the weekend.  For all levels of riding, sweet single-track, and beautiful scenic views.  These trails are a beaten path single track that offers an off-road riding/hiking experience for the beginner and the advanced.  Several colored trails can help guide you around or mix up different sections for a whole new adventure. Located at 28565 Benton House Avenue, Warsaw, Mo. 65355

The Truman Lake Bike Club teamed up with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Warsaw to bring this exciting mountain bike trail to the area.  Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park has been built on Corps of Engineer land bordering beautiful Truman Lake.   Just three miles from Downtown Warsaw, Truman Lake Mountain Bike and Hiking Park is designed to be enjoyed by all skill levels.

The trails offer 25+ miles of back-country fun, breathtaking views, and access to fantastic swimming holes. You can find some of the top single track in Missouri year-round. Warsaw is the weekend destination you are looking for.

The Mountain Bike Park is designed for riders of all ages and skill. The park offers scenic downhills, challenging climbs, and sweet single-track. The park is also available for walking/hiking.  No motorized vehicles or horses are allowed in the park.

​Warsaw Chamber of Commerce presents the Missouri State Championship bike races at the Truman Lake Bike Park. View the Park map with trail options or call the City of Warsaw at 660-438-5522 for more information.

Shawnee Bend Bluff Trail

Take the West Dam Access Road to Shawnee Bend Park. At the top of the boat ramp parking lot is the Shawnee Bend Trailhead. Enter around the yellow gate.

The trail is about 4 miles, with gorgeous views of Truman Lake. They are beginner friendly mountain bike trails, with very little technical features. Shawnee Bend is the 3rd stop on the Missouri NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) tour, and the Missouri State Champ Mountain Bike Race was held here in 2022. These trails were originally built by the Us Army Corps of Engineers, and are now built and maintained by the Truman Lake Adventure Club.

Hiking & biking accessible
Warsaw Wildcat mountain bike team member Gabe Noland.