Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park is located at 28565 Benton House Avenue, just two miles west of 65 Highway and North Dam Access Road in Warsaw, Missouri. Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park has been built on Corps of Engineer land bordering beautiful Truman Lake.

The trails offer 25+ miles of back-country fun, breathtaking views, and access to fantastic swimming holes. You can find some of the top single track in Missouri year-round. Warsaw is the weekend destination you are looking for and these trails offer a fun-filled adventure immersed in nature. It has a beautiful mix of single and double track, with challenging climbs, lake views, and fun downhills.

The park offers scenic downhills, challenging climbs, and sweet single track. Basically, these trails are a beaten path single track that offers an off-road riding/hiking experience for the beginner and the advanced. Likewise, several colored trails can help guide you around or mix up different sections for a whole new adventure. The park is also available for walking, hiking, and running however, walkers and hikers are not allowed during special events. (Motorized vehicles and/or horses are not allowed in the park.)​

Overall, these trails are a great place to get away!  Undoubtedly, the trails in Benton County let you escape for the day, or for the weekend.

​View the Park brochure or call the Warsaw Parks & Recreation Department at 660-438-2312 for more information. Get out and enjoy all that Benton County has to offer!

Truman Lake Mountain Bike and Hiking ParkTruman Lake Mountain Bike and Hiking Area