Butterfield Stage experience

Want to go exploring “off the beaten path”?  Butterfield Stage Experience is a new 250-mile bicycle route that visits historic sites and monuments across the state! Enjoy bike packing, day-tripping, and overnight stays as you explore these historic trails. The MO Bike Federation has created a website to find these historical routes. Additionally, mapping (including GPS maps) linking Benton County to other major trail systems.

You will fall in love with this section of the Butterfield Overland Stage route. With the addition of the Butterfield connection to the Rock Island and the Katy Trail in Windsor,  Missouri,  these fabulous back country gravel roads entice us to explore Benton county and the hidden gems of our area. Each community has its own unique history. And all are connected to the Butterfield Overland Stage Route.  Likewise, when you connect to Warsaw, even more outdoor adventure awaits.

what is the butterfield stage experience?

The Butterfield Stage Experience is a new mostly gravel bicycle touring route consisting of county gravel roads and multi-use trails. It accomplishes this by using/paralleling the historic Butterfield Stage Route in Missouri.

Currently, over 250 miles in length, the route is a low-traffic trail-like experience that leads you straight to the heart of rural Missouri and visits many of the historic Butterfield Stage sites and monuments across the state. The route is accessible to most who enjoy natural-surface routes like the Katy Trail and Rock Island Trail–and are ready to take the next step towards adventure.

The route is mostly on well-maintained county gravel roads and multi-use trails, with a few mountain bike trail routes and occasional paved sections as needed for connectivity.​

Great for day trips, weekend getaways, or a few days of bike camping or backpacking.

Connect to the Katy, Rock Island, and Frisco Highline Trails.​

Go explore Missouri in a whole new way and be sure and check out the Warsaw, Lincoln and Cole Camp connections.

Click here for more information on the Butterfield Stage Experience on MObikefed.org

Thank you

We want to thank the Benton County Community Foundation for supplying the grant used to purchase Butterfield signage. Also for the bike-friendly signs and brochures to promote healthy living and a safe and bike-friendly community on our rural roads linking our communities.