Call for bids on bicentennial celebration dinner

Attn: Restaurants in Benton County

We are holding a nice dinner in Drake Harbor on Saturday, September 18, 2021, beginning at 6pm.  We are obtaining bids for each course and will award one course per business (unless we don’t receive enough bids).  We estimate a minimum of 100 people and a maximum of 125.  Please provide a quote per person for the entrees and for 100 for the other courses.

We will provide:

  • Area and two tables for platting.
  • Servers to take the plates to the attendees.
  • We will provide the winning bidders for each course with the orders a week prior to the event.
  • A check after the event for your winning course.

What is required for bidding:

  • 1: Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.  Tea, lemonade and water.  2 options for domestic beer, champagne and wine.  The attendees will receive a designated number of drinks included in the dinner.  You will need to accept payments for any purchased over and above the limit with the dinner.  Restaurant who wins the bid for the alcohol must get a picnic license and include that in your bid.
  • 2: Appetizers and a salad.  Choice of 2 appetizers (your choice) and dinner salad.
  • 3: Entrees.  Choice 1 meat:  prime rib (12 oz) – THICK cooked to med/medium rare; Choice 2 meat: stuffed pork chop Side 1:  rosemary and garlic potatoes; Side 2:  glazed carrots.  Dinner roll included with the entrees.
  • 4: Dessert.  Choice 1:  Cheesecake drizzled with your choice of topping and Choice 2:  Teramasu or crème brulee   (you pick).  You should estimate 50% of choice 1 and choice 2 for the purposes of the bid.
  • Any Restaurant who wins the bid for any of the courses must ensure that you contact the health department ahead of the event for any permits needed to serve food.
  • Winning restaurants bids must provide a Certificate of Insurance denoting General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance as applicable.
  • After each course you will be responsible for your own clean-up and must do so in a timely manner to ensure there is sufficient room for the next course.
  • Included in your bid for the entrees must be the following: chargers, disposable (nice) china plates or regular plates, real silverware, linens for tables (black), dinner napkins, glasses for water.
  • Included in your bid for the entrees you must be willing to accommodate special diets in your bid (i.e., gluten free, vegan, etc).
  • You are allowed to bid on each course and we would encourage you to do so.

Bids are due by noon, Friday, February 26, 2021.  The bids shall be reviewed and a final decision will be made the week of March 1, 2021 and all bidders will be notified.

Please email your bid to or mail to PO Box 1245, Warsaw MO  65355.

Call for course bids 2021