Benton County is full of natural habitats for birds, which is why we are home to hundreds of species such as buntings, eagles, kittiwakes, goshawk, kestrel, woodpeckers, swallows, hummingbirds, egrets, cardinals, orioles, robins, owls, martins and yellowthroats.

There are thousands of great locations located throughout our County for watching these beautiful specimens. In all, you will find 124 documented species.  In fact, the Missouri Audobon Society named Benton County as an important habitat and you can learn more here.

Click here for birding hotspots in Benton County as published by the Missouri Audobon Society.

And while you watch birds, keep an eye out for butterflies.  We are home to six different families of butterflies, which account for 103 sub-families.