2019 Narrative: 


Attachment A: Project Description
A-1: Project Location & Pictorial Description
A-2: Project Description relating to Comprehensive Plan

Attachment B: Preliminary Engineer Reports (PER’s)

Click on the information below to review the following reports:
B.1: Traffic and Pedestrian Circulation Study (TEAP)
*Note: This PER was created for a past TIGER application. The material is still relevant.

B.2: Major Access Thoroughfare

B.3: Main Street

B.4: Jackson Street Overpass (TEAP)
B.5: Jackson Street. Main to Lay Park
B.6: Commercial:
a.) TEAP
b.) CFS North of 7 (Hilltop to Randall)
B.7: Osage Trail

Attachment C: Main Street Revitalization
Additional information below:
C.1: Main Street Revitalization Infrastructure
C.2: Main Street Revitalization Facades
C.3: Main Street Revitalization-Drake Harbor Recreation Area

Attachment D:  Comprehensive Plan – Building on Success to Capitalize on the Future
D.1: Comprehensive Plan
D.2: Warsaw Livable Community Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Attachment E: Grants Funds Sources and Other Uses 
E.1: Estimates
E.2: Funding Partners
E.3. City Clerk Letter

Attachment F: Safety

Attachment G: State of Good Repair
G.1: Maintenance Rating Plan
G.2: Improving our Highway Connections 

Attachment H: Economic Competitiveness 
H-1: Opportunity Zone
H-2: Downtown Marina
H-3: Economic Competitiveness-Waterfront

Attachment I: Environmental Protection
I-1: Stormwater and Commercial Street TEAP PER
I-2: Letter from Burns & McDonnell Engineers

Attachment J: Quality of Life

Attachment K:  Innovation
K-1: Warsaw Comprehensive Plan-BROADBAND

Attachment L: Partnerships

Attachment M: Non-Federal Revenue

Attachment  N: Cost-Benefit Totals (Excel)

Attachment O: Federal Letter and Federal Wage Rate 

Warsaw Riverfront Trails: Videos and write up for the two 2018 National Recognition for Complete
Streets and Trails.

Articles of Recognition
Brent Hugh Missouri Bicycle Federation 
Missouri Population-vs-StravaheatmapWarsaw is now on the USBR51 National Route