BUILD 2019 Narrative

Click on the information below to review the following reports:

Attachment A: Project Pictorial Description

  1.    A.1: Highlights from Warsaw Livable Community Transportation Improvement Plan
  2.    A.2: Highlights from City of Warsaw Comprehensive Plan

Attachment B: Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs)

  1.    B.1 Main Street
  2.       a. HWY 7 to U.S. 65 (PER)
  3.       b. Ballou St to Jackson St (PER)
  4.    B.2 Jackson Street
    1.       a. Main St to Lay Park (PER)
    2.       b. Jackson St & HWY 7 Overpass (TEAP)
  5.    B.3 Commercial Street
  6.       a. Harrison St to Randall Ave (TEAP)
  7.       b. Randall Ave to Hilltop Dr (PER)
  8.    B.4 Osage Trail (PER & TEAP)
  9.    B.5 Warsaw Trail Masterplan

Attachment C: Current Guiding Comprehensive Planning Documents

  1.    C.1 Comprehensive Plan – Building on Success to Capitalize on the Future
  2.    C.2 Warsaw Livable Community Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

Attachment D: Relevant Planning Documents

  1.    D.1 Downtown Traffic and Pedestrian Circulation Study (TEAP)
  2.    D.2 Major Access Thoroughfare

Attachment E: Grant Funds Sources and Other Uses

  1.    E.1 Estimates
  2.    E.2 Funding Partners
    1.       a. Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)
    2.       b. Missouri Transportation Finance Corporation (MTFC)
    3.       c. Federal Recreational Trails Program (MDNR)
  3.    E.3 City Clerk Letter

Attachment F: Safety

Attachment G: State of Good Repair

  1.    G.1 Maintenance Rating Plan
  2.    G.2 Improving our Highway Connections

Attachment H: Economic Competitiveness

  1.    H.1 Downtown Marina 
  2.    H.2 US Army Corps of Engineers Letter of Support for Downtown Marina Levee Modifications 
  3.    H.3 Opportunity Zone Map
  4.    H.4 Highlights from Comprehensive Plan – Downtown Marina
  5.    H.5 Waterfront and Community Connectors
  6.    H.6 Chamber of Commerce Letter of Support

Attachment I: Environmental Protection

  1.    I.1 Stormwater Management and Environmental Protection PER

Attachment J: Quality of Life

  1.    J.1 Main Street Revitalization – Infrastructure
  2.    J.2 Main Street Revitalization – Facades
  3.    J.3 Main Street Revitalization – Drake Harbor Recreation Area

Attachment K: Innovation

  1.    K.1 CO-MO Electric Fiber Optics Partnership Letter of Support
  2.    K.2 Ameren Missouri Letter of Support

Attachment L: Partnerships

Attachment M: Past Efforts and Project Readiness

  1.    M.1 Federal Wage Rate

Attachment N: Benefit-Cost Analysis

  1.    N.1 Benefit-Cost Analysis (Excel)

Warsaw Riverfront TrailsVideos and write up for the two 2018 National Recognition for Complete
Streets and Trails.

Articles of Recognition
Brent Hugh Missouri Bicycle Federation 
Missouri Population-vs-StravaheatmapWarsaw is now on the USBR51 National Route

We strongly encourage you to watch these two short videos in their entirety.  They will help you to better understand the direction we are moving with our community.



Below are pictures of our award winning downtown and waterfront trails.