Emergency Go Kit

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It's important for you to help your family through the first 72 hours of an emergency or disaster. Are you prepared?
The following information will help you create your Emergency Go Kit:

  • Go Kit: Preparing an Emergency Go Kit in advance can save precious time if you must evacuate or seek shelter.
  • First Aid: First Aid Supplies will make you better prepared to help you or your loved ones with injuries. Being able to communicate and provide shelter is essential. Utilize the link above to develop your survival Go Kit. 
  • Contacts: Be sure to have an Emergency Contact List accessible in the event of a disaster with an Emergency Contact Form. Include Medical information, Friends & Family Phone #'s, Where to meet in case of an Emergency, Doctors Names, Pets Names and descriptions in case a stranger has to retrieve them. 
  • Emergency Pet Plan Be sure to include your pets by making a Pet Emergency Plan. Learn how to protect your pet during and after a disaster. Learn more with the provided link.