Truman Lake Bike Trail Descriptions

Benton house Avenue is the trail head for the following trail Descriptions:

Larry' Groove Train (Green)

1.3 miles- This is a full beginner loop that starts off with a fun down hill, and works its way around mostly on single track. A couple of small climbs are spread throughout the ride. Great for families and first time off-road riders.

Just a Taste (Blue)

3.1 miles- This loop is a bit more challenging than Larry's Groove Train. You will have scenic views of Truman Lake along the way. The trail offers more winding single track, several great climbs, and fun down hills.

Come & Get Some (Yellow)

14 miles- This loop has it all...demanding climbs, impressive down hills and first rate single track. It travels from the Benton House Avenue trail head to Sterrett Creek trail head. By far the most intense trail.

Sterrett Creek Loop (Red) 
5 miles- This is a great beginner loop. Start off riding the scenic Truman Lake Dike which includes wide open views of the reservoir. Then head into trees onto a loop bringing you back to dike. This trail has access to the Yellow Loop.