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**Warsaw Parks & Recreation Schedule of events is published weekly in the 

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Parks & Rec Director / Manager:
 Susan Cooner
Address: Parks & Recreation office is located in the Community Building at:  181 W. Harrison (lower level)
Phone: 660-438-5522 or 660-438-2312
*Note: Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, seasonal or during off-seasons.

Sport Programs List: For more details on sports and registration please select from the sport tabs.

Program                                     Registration
 END Date                                                                         
    Cost                                        Enrollment Status                                                                                        Description

Youth Volleyball Skilz Bootcamp:      3rd & 4th grades

2017 season ended    season Ended

Learn the basics of volleyball. 6 weeks @ 1 night per week

Youth Volleyball:      5th-8th grades

2017 season ended   season Ended Teams formed to engage in volleyball games. Learn,develop and enhance skills while playing.

Spring Soccer:    3yrs - Kindergarten

2017 season ended $15.00 season ended Basic skill development while learning how to kick, pass and more. *Required 1-2 parent volunteers per team. 1 session per wk.

Spring Soccer:     1st.- 8th grades

2017 season ended $25.00
season ended
  Players enhance skills & confidence as they grow and learn more about soccer.  *Required 1-2 parent volunteers per team. 1 session per wk.

Adult Co-ed Volleyball: 16 +

2017 season ended   season Ended Form teams for exciting fast paced games of Volleyball. Must have at least 2 females to play. Register as a team. 

Adult Co-ed Softball:   16+  

2017 season ended $150.00 
per team
season ended Have fun while playing Co-ed softball. See official rules on this site
Summer Ball: 2017 season ended

t-ball $20, Coach pitch $25.00, Baseball/softball $30

season ended Includes: T-Ball, Machine Pitch, Baseball & Softball
Youth Baseball_TEAM April 21st. $30.00 per player
8-10 yrs
11-12 yrs
Season has ended For TEAMS ONLY 
10-13 players per team
Youth Softball_TEAM April 21st. $30.00 per player
8-10 yrs
11-13 yrs
Season ended
*Entering 8th grade cutoff
10-13 players per team
Cheerleading August 15th. $50.00 In Progress Learn how to become a cheerleader and have fun at the same time.
Basketball October 7th. Bootcamp $15.00
3rd & 4th Co-ed: $25.00
5th & 6th: $25.00
In Progress BB Skilz Bootcamp (4yrs-K/1st.- 2nd.),         Co-ed 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th.                       Teams learn and develop skills of basketball.
From Basketball to Volleyball....T-ball to Baseball... Warsaw Parks & Recreation offers programs for all ages. 
Start your child in a program that offers development in sports as well as growth, confidence and social interaction. Sport programs offer a safe & healthy way to exercise and a great way to meet new friends. 
Review from the Sport list below of programs offered.
You can also check out family fun events, like the "Zombie Run" or "Pumpkin Painting" offered by the Parks and Recreation Dept. from the "Community Events"                    
Enjoy and have fun!!
*Any and all persons wanting to participate in a sport program must register with the Parks & Recreation Department. Children must be signed up by parent or legal guardian. 
*All sports registration forms can be picked up at the Community Building located at 181 W. Harrison, lower level or downloaded from the "Sports Registration" section in this site.
*All forms shall be returned along with payment to the lower level of the Community Building, either to the Parks & Rec office or the Utilities Office before the registration END date. Late fees do apply. See the Registration forms for more details and information regarding every sport.
Please make sure that the Wavier portion is signed on the back as well.

Other events sponsored by Parks and Rec can be found with one click away. Look for the "Community Events" tab. Fun for everyone.
Coaches & Sponsors:
The Parks and Recreation Dept is always looking for Volunteers and or Sponsors. If you would like to volunteer your time to be a coach or to be a sponsor please call us. Thank You!!

**Warsaw Parks & Recreation Schedule of events is published weekly in the 
Benton County Enterprise!