Hanger Information

Warsaw Municipal Airport built its first 10-unit T-Hanger in 1999 (Hanger A). In a short period of time, all hangers were rented, leaving no vacancies. This trend continued, so in 2005, planning began for a second 10-unit T-Hanger (hanger B). The City was awarded Federal Entitlement grants for airport improvements, and in March 2007, our second 10-unit T-Hanger was completed.

If you are needing to lease a hanger please call 660-438-5522 and speak to Sabrina Brown to have your name added to our waiting list.
Hangar Rent:
End units are $165/month & Interior units are $140/month
10 units per Hanger 

Hanger Availability:

Hanger A:  All Hangers Full

Hanger B:  B8 Available to rent as of 7-21-17.
See Diagram Below

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